• Collect blood samples using aseptic venipuncture technique.
  • Check that you have enough sample to perform each test ordered.
  • Cap tightly and label sample tube. All samples should be properly identified. The sample label must include: FULL NAME (First and Last), and DATE OF BIRTH. Specify tube type and specimen type (i.e. SST Serum, EDTA Plasma, Sodium Citrate Plasma, etc.) when using a transport tube.
  • Treat all samples with Universal and Standard precautions.
  • Any additional sample handling and storage instructions for a test, beyond the above standard instructions, will be listed on the individual test’s page on our test menu.
  • Sample types were incorrect or samples were received in damaged condition (i.e. tube open or cracked, sample not shipped at correct temperature).
  • Sample tube is not properly labeled with first and last name and date of birth. In addition, transport tubes must also be labeled with tube type and sample type.
  • Samples which are beyond their stability limits.
  • Requisition form is not completely filled out. First and last name, date of birth and gender are required.
  • Physician signature is missing.
  • Any additional rejection criteria for a test, beyond the above standard criteria, will be listed on the individual test’s page on our test menu.
Samples should be stored at 2-8° C immediately after they are collected and processed, unless noted otherwise for a test.

  1. Place cold or frozen sample(s) in the biohazard bags.
  2. Place completed requisition (and insurance information if applicable) for each sample in the pouch of the biohazard bag.

For samples that are shipped refrigerated:

  1. Place biohazard bag (with sample(s) and requisition form) in the Styrofoam box.
  2. Place a frozen ice pack (frozen for at least 24 hours) on top of the samples in the Styrofoam box.
  3. Place Styrofoam box into UPS Laboratory Shipping Pack.

For samples that are shipped frozen:

Dry ice is a hazardous material.  Therefore, proper training and personal protective equipment are required for everyone that will be handling dry ice.  In addition to completing the necessary training, please review and follow the safety precautions outlined at the following link prior to handling dry ice: https://www.osha.gov/Publications/laboratory/OSHAquickfacts-lab-safety-cryogens-dryice.pdf

  1. Fill the bottom of a medium CHL Styrofoam box (11x9x12) with  enough dry ice to cover the bottom of the box (1-2 inches worth).
  2. It is the responsibility of the client to comply with the proper handling of dry ice as a hazardous material.
  3. Wrap the biohazard bag(s) (containing sample(s) and requisition form) in paper towel or packing paper and then place into the Styrofoam box on top of the dry ice. Cover the samples with enough dry ice to completely surround the samples.  Fill the remainder of the box with packing paper to prevent shifting of the dry ice and/or samples during transit.  Note: from June-September, it is recommended that additional dry ice be added to the shipment to compensate for the warmer temperatures.
  4. Replace the Styrofoam lid and tape 2 sides of the Styrofoam lid shut, being careful not to tape all 4 sides which may prevent the necessary venting of the evaporating dry ice
  5. Tape the cardboard outer box closed over the top of the Styrofoam box
  6. Attach UN 1845 Dry ice label to the outside of the box and fill in the number of kilograms of dry ice used; be careful that the dry ice sticker is placed flat on only 1 side of the box, stickers that span more than 1 side are cause for courier rejection of the shipment
  7. Attach a FedEx shipping label to the outside of the box
We have made ordering supplies very easy by offering supplies in an a la carte manner. This allows you to receive only the items you need for your office. Please click here for our supply order form.
To schedule reoccurring supply shipments please contact our Customer Support at 1.866.358.9828. They can help you determine the volume of supplies needed and will get you set up with an appropriate shipment schedule.
Please provide a Sample Collection Date with all requisitions sent to Cleveland HeartLab. This information is important to help determine the viability and age of the sample. The field for the sample collection date is on the left hand side of the requisition. If we receive a requisition form without a collection date we will give you a courtesy call to obtain this information. Also, the sample could be rejected due to a missing collection date.
Call FedEx at 1.800.463.3339, 0, 0 and say “I would like to schedule a FedEx Express Billable Stamp pick-up and I do not have the account number.” Have your shipping label available when calling for a pick-up.

Ship for next day delivery (with provided label) to:

Cleveland HeartLab, Inc.
6701 Carnegie Ave, Suite 500
Cleveland, OH 44103

Phone: 866-358-9828

Samples can be shipped Monday through Friday.

If you have a reoccurring FedEx pick-up and FedEx does not pick-up, please contact Cleveland HeartLab immediately at 1.866.358.9828.
To verify that your samples have made it to Cleveland HeartLab please keep a copy of your shipping label which contains the package’s tracking number. Keeping a copy of the tracking number will allow you to track your packages and see when they arrive at Cleveland HeartLab.
Call Cleveland HeartLab at 1.866.358.9828 so that we can let you know if the current sample we have is still valid to run. If the sample is not still available, we will provide you with any necessary sample handling procedures.

Complete a new requisition form, write in the add on test along with complete patient information. Please note on the requisition form that it is an add on test.

Turn Around Time (TAT) is the time lapse in days counting Monday through Friday but not including specified Holidays from the receipt of the specimen in the laboratory until the test results are available to the requestor electronically. Refer to individual tests on the Test Menu for specific TAT.
A critical result is defined as a test result that represents a patient status at such variance with normal (expected values) as to be life threatening unless something is done promptly and for which some corrective action could be taken.

Please contact customer support at 1.866.358.9828 or send an e-mail inquiry to customersupport@clevelandheartlab.com for information on our critical values.

If you would like further explanation about a patient’s results please contact us at 1.866.358.9828 and we will assist you with better understanding the results.
If you have difficulty accessing or viewing patient’s results on our on-line portal, please contact us at 1.866.358.9828.
Pending results will occur if the sample is still in the testing process. The turnaround time for receiving patient results is 3-5 days from when we receive the sample depending on the sample. If your sample is pending outside of the turn around time, Cleveland HeartLab will contact you.