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World-class, accredited continuing medical education (CME) now available as one-stop source for information on the identification and prevention of metabolic and cardiovascular disease

CLEVELAND, March 9, 2015 – Cleveland HeartLab (CHL), the premier cardiovascular management company, announces the launch of its new CME Web Portal, Continuing Education from Cleveland HeartLab. The website ( ) will serve as a convenient source of cutting-edge medical information for clinicians and other healthcare professionals. The site includes educational materials developed by globally recognized medical leaders in the fields of early detection and prevention of chronic diseases. This new educational portal, which will include both CME-accredited content as well as non-CME content, will be updated with the latest clinical educational materials on a quarterly basis.

“There are several important reasons why CHL is the recognized leader in cardiovascular testing in the US” said Jake Orville, CEO of Cleveland HeartLab. “Bringing scientifically proven and medically relevant biomarkers to market is an important part of our role. Providing effective education is equally as important as we pursue our mission of aiding clinicians in identifying and preventing cardiovascular disease. The CHL CME portal allows us to have a global impact by providing premier educational resources and programs in a convenient manner—further demonstrating our commitment to assist clinicians in their fight against chronic disease.”

Based on the success of the CME offering at Cleveland HeartLab’s Annual Symposia, the CHL CME web portal offers clinicians and other health professionals top-tier CME-accredited educational activities throughout the year which they can complete at their own pace. The new CME Portal is organized into five main sections: CME Webcasts, Non-CME Webcasts, News You Can Use, Biomarkers and Medical Forums and will be updated quarterly.

“The growth of medical discovery and understanding is unprecedented—while this is very good for patient care, it can also be difficult for practitioners to keep up with the torrent of new information.” said. Jeffrey Gladden MD FACC, founder of the PREVENT Clinic, APEX Health and Human Performance Optimization and Advanced Heart Care in Plano Texas. “CHL’s educational programming and now new web portal helps address this problem by bringing premier focused medical education right to my laptop. CHL’s ability to help me incorporate the best and latest innovations into my practice of arresting and reversing heart disease has dramatically impacted our ability to prevent heart attacks and strokes.”

All CME-accredited webcasts consist of recognized subject matter experts from around the world. These webcasts will deal with a variety of relevant topics, including inflammation, lipids, metabolic disease, diet, lifestyle and hormones. Clinicians will be able to easily register, view the webcasts, answer webcast-specific quizzes and submit responses for CME evaluation. The Continuing Medical Education from Cleveland HeartLab web portal is currently online and available for use at

About Cleveland HeartLab

Cleveland HeartLab Inc. is the premier cardiovascular disease (CVD) management company with a comprehensive array of propriety tests focused on improving the early identification of those with CVD risk. In addition to its industry leading approach to inflammation testing, CHL manages a robust R&D program to accelerate the clinical use of scientifically proven and medically relevant biomarkers. CHL’s biomarkers have been validated in more than 100 peer-review studies published in leading medical and scientific journals. Formed in 2009 as a spin-off from the Cleveland Clinic, CHL offers its testing to thousands of leading clinicians focused on health and wellness as well as corporate wellness plans through its CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified clinical lab. Half of all patients who suffer from heart attack have normal cholesterol. With the goal of improving CVD risk assessment, CHL’s unique testing provides a more complete picture of CVD risk allowing clinicians to deploy personalized medical programs and interventions to reduce the overall risk of CVD, with a specific focus on reducing the risks of inflammation. In a 2014 economic impact study, CHL’s CVD management protocol demonstrated the potential to avoid nearly 4,000 heart attacks and strokes per 1 million patients of average health. The cost of care averted was estimated to exceed $180 million. CHL holds over 20 issued and 30 pending global patents and has been recognized for its innovation with the prestigious Nortech Innovation Award, The Ohio Venture of the Year Award and the Edison Crystal Award for Excellence. CHL was also named an “Inc. 5,000” company in recognition of its innovation and growth. For more information about CHL visit us at For more information on CVD visit

About Advanced Heart Care, PREVENT and APEX

Advanced Heart Care was founded by Jeffrey Gladden MD, FACC in 1988 and includes 13 cardiologists located in 8 centers throughout North Texas. While Dr. Gladden built a thriving practice treating patients with advanced CVD, he began to focus on early identification for CVD prevention, as well as enhanced physical performance and longevity. Dr. Gladden is a co-founder along with Gina Pritchard, NP of the Prevent Clinic for Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention, ( and is founder of the Apex, ( a Program for Health and Human Performance Optimization. These programs use advanced diagnostic technology focusing on root causes to accurately identify those at risk for CVD long before symptoms of cardiac and arterial disease begin. The advanced markers can then be used to document the arrest and even reversal of CVD pathology as therapy is implemented. The PREVENT Clinic has managed patients from across the country, customizing personalized interventions and lifestyle changes to avert CVD events later in life. The APEX program builds on the PREVENT approach, and also includes global health optimization strategies built on understanding our genetic substrate to optimize overall cognitive, metabolic and physical performance to dramatically enhance quality of life for years to come.

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