Groundbreaking new study on Dysfunctional HDL published in Nature Medicine. Technology exclusively licensed to CHL.

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Yahoo Health discusses Study: HDL, the “Good” Cholesterol Can Be Bad for Your Heart. Published January 27, 2014.

HDL — the so-called “good” cholesterol—sometimes goes rogue and clogs arteries instead of keeping them healthy, according to a groundbreaking new study published in Nature Medicine.

“These are great discoveries,” said Jake Orville, CEO of Cleveland HeartLab (CHL), which has licensed this test exclusively from the Cleveland Clinic. “There are many great discoveries especially in heart disease. What’s important is bringing these tests to market so they can be applied to patient care and make a real impact.”


HDL, the “good” cholesterol, can be bad for your heart, Cleveland Clinic research shows.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — HDL, long known as “good” cholesterol for its tendency to help prevent the buildup of artery-clogging plaque, has a Jekyll and Hyde tendency to turn bad and cause damage that can lead to heart disease, according to research from the Cleveland Clinic.