5’ Nucleotidase

Cleveland Heartlab #'s, N, Test


CPT Code: 83915
Order Code: 14624
ABN Requirement: No

Alternative Name(s): 5′-NT
Specimen: Serum
Volume:  1.0 mL
Minimum Volume:  0.2 mL
Container: Gel-barrier tube (SST)


  1. Collect and label sample according to standard protocols.
  2. Gently invert tube 5 times immediately after draw. Do not shake tube.
  3. Allow blood to clot 30 minutes.
  4. Centrifuge for 10 minutes.


  Refrigerated: Store serum at 2°C to 8°C after collection and ship the same day per packaging instructions included with the provided shipping box.

  Frozen: Transfer serum to labeled transport tube. Store serum at -20° C after collection and ship the same day per packaging instructions included with the provided shipping box.


Ambient (15-25°C): Not Acceptable
Refrigerated (2-8°C):
7 days
Frozen (-20°C):
14 days

Causes for Rejection: Specimens other than serum; improper labeling; samples not stored properly; samples older than stability limits; specimen received at ambient temperature

Methodology: Colorimetric, Kinetic

Turn Around Time:  2 to 4 days

Reference Range:  0-10 U/L

Clinical Significance: 5′-Nucleotidase (5′-NT) assay kit is for the determination of 5′-NT activity in human serum samples. 5′-NT is an enzyme catalyzing the hydrolysis of nucleoside-5′-mono- phosphates to nucleosides and inorganic phosphate. The enzyme is widely distributed in human and animal tissues. The activity present in sera is released from membranes of liver cells by bile salts and has been used as a marker for liver disease. Healthy subjects have a 5′-NT activity in the range of 0-10 U/L. Increased enzyme levels in sera are associated with certain forms of liver disease, such as intra- or extra-hepatic obstruction and particularly in cases of hepatic carcinoma and in mastectomy patients with recurrent metastases. The diagnostic value of 5′-NT has been shown to be superior to other liver enzymes, especially in cases of liver metastasis.

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