Calcium, Total

Cleveland Heartlab C, Test

CPT Code: 82310
Order Code: C102
ABN Requirement:  No
Synonyms: Ca; Calcium, Total; Total Calcium
Specimen: Serum
Volume: 0.5 mL
Minimum Volume: 0.2 mL
Container: Gel-barrier tube (SST, Tiger Top)


  1. Collect and label sample according to standard protocols.
  2. Gently invert tube 5 times immediately after draw. DO NOT SHAKE.
  3. Allow blood to clot 30 minutes.
  4. Centrifuge for 10 minutes.

Transport: Store serum at 2°C to 8°C after collection and ship the same day per packaging instructions included with the provided shipping box.


Ambient (15-25°C): 7 days
Refrigerated (2-8°C): 21 days
Frozen (-20°C): 8 months

Causes for Rejection: Specimens other than serum; improper labeling; samples not stored properly; samples older than stability limits

Methodology: Photometric

Turn Around Time: 1 to 3 days

Reference Range:

Age mg/dL
All Ages 8.5-10.5


Priority Values:

Age Priority Value 1 (mg/dL) Priority Value 1 (mg/dL)
All Ages ≤6.0 ≥13.0

Clinical Significance: Serum calcium is involved in the regulation of neuromuscular and enzyme activity, bone metabolism and blood coagulation. Calcium blood levels are controlled by a complex interaction of parathyroid hormone, vitamin D, calcitonin and adrenal cortical steroids. Calcium measurements are useful in the diagnosis of parathyroid disease, some bone disorders and chronic renal disease. A low level of calcium may result in tetany.

Limitations: Intravenously administered contrast media for MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) contain chelating complexes which may interfere with the determination of calcium. A sharp decrease in calcium values was observed when gadodiamide (GdDTPA-BMA) was administered. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer with regard to the retention time of the contrast medium. Drugs containing strontium salts may lead to significantly increased calcium results. In very rare cases gammopathy may cause unreliable results.

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